Moosilauke Weekly Letter Home 7-17-11

Hello from balmy Orford, NH! We have had another terrific week and it is our pleasure to share with…

Moosilauke Weekly Letter Home 7-17-11

Hello from balmy Orford, NH! We have had another terrific week and it is our pleasure to share with…

Hello from balmy Orford, NH! We have had another terrific week and it is our pleasure to share with you the highlights via this letter. As you know, you can also access daily pictures from camp by clicking on We are also excited to announce that Moosilauke is now blogging! By clicking on you can read postings by Bill and Sabina, campers and staff. Finally, click on to view a video montage from the first two weeks of camp that one of our counselors put together.

And now to recap the events of the past week…

Saturday was filled with competition with a neighboring camp. The boys participated in baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, and basketball in all age groups. One of the most exciting games was the 12-and-under basketball contest that ended with a buzzer beater basket.
Any campers not involved in the various games enjoyed a morning of open areas followed by an afternoon of choice activities. The SA1 (fifteen-year-olds) second Mahoosuc Hike returned to camp from their three-day adventure filled with great stories. Saturday also heralded a new tradition of a C.I.T. (Counselor-In-Training) overnight backpacking trip where the boys did all the planning and leading of the two-day adventure. The evening at Camp concluded with our traditional pizza dinner followed by movies for a little relaxation time for our busy campers.

Sunday’s lazy morning and buffet breakfast with made-to-order omelettes and world famous cinnamon rolls were followed by an afternoon of zany activities in each area. Campers had the opportunity to sign up for a host of activities including a pitching clinic, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee skills and drills, windsurfing dodge ball, sailing across the lake, mountain bike trail and trick riding, archery golf, and an adventure down the “lazy river” that runs through Camp. It was an afternoon of smiles and excitement. Sunday evening saw some brand new activities which, such as live action role-play, a debate, a history trivia contest, and yoga (Spa Moosilauke!). Our boys are always game for trying something new, which we love! The week’s inspection winners also headed out for their reward of snacks and a drive-in movie.

On Monday, half the Inter Bs (eleven-year-olds) headed off to Belle Island on Newfound Lake for an overnight wilderness adventure. The trip began with a mile long canoe out to an island, which we rent. The boys then spent the day playing in the lake, fishing, and setting up Camp on the island. After a burger and hot dog dinner the boys played a full island game of manhunt (a version of hide-and-seek) followed by s’mores to finish off the evening. A group of Juniors (eight, nine, and ten-year-olds) headed off for a morning of exploring the other side of the lake on mountain bikes, complete with swimming and a snack. The Senior B group (thirteen-year-olds) headed off Monday to Burlington, Vermont for a two day experience which included a bit of shopping in town, a night at the ballpark watching the Single A Vermont Lake Monsters baseball team, a campout on Lake Champlain, and a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. Lake Monster hats were all the rage at Camp when the boys returned. The Senior A2s (fourteen-year-olds) headed to Baker Cliffs for a wonderful afternoon in the cool spring water followed by a much-anticipated trip to Fat Bob’s. Competition for the day included a thirteen-and-under tennis tournament and a twelve-and-under lacrosse tournament.

Tuesday morning we held a tennis clinic for the advanced tennis players led by the varsity tennis coach from The Thacher School. The fifteen boys who participated loved the challenge and appreciated the coaching tips. The other half of the Inter B (eleven-year-olds) group headed off on Tuesday for their Belle Island adventure. Bill left early in the am to Lake Umbagog and the Androscoggin River with the other half of the Senior A2 (fourteen-year-olds) group. The first day they paddled 11 miles into a head wind to reach their remote wilderness campsite. The next day they paddled three miles across the lake and then another 4 miles in the Androscoggin before reaching a damn they had to portage around. During this section of the adventure the boys spotted three bald eagles. The boys then had two runs on the class II white water that flows through, Erroll, NH.

Wednesday began day one for the SA1 (fifteen-year-olds) trip to Canada. They spent the night camping out at New World Rafting in Quebec, followed by a day of rafting Class V rapids with professional guides. It was an exciting day on the river that saw many a boy and counselor come out of their raft for a swim! Thursday evening was spent walking around Montreal as a group, with the return to camp Friday. The trip was a memorable capstone experience for our oldest campers. The Inter Bs (eleven-year-olds) returned to Camp after their Belle Island overnight and the Inter A (twelve-year-olds) headed out to Belle Island or on a two-day Mt. Kinsman backpacking adventure, which traversed Lonesome Lake to Kinsman Pond. The backpackers encountered some stepladders, block steps, and steep sections, which gave them a true taste of the backcountry. The final voluntary group of Senior A2s (fourteen-year-olds) headed off for their three day adventure to climb the peaks of Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay, and Mt. Washington. The eleven-and-unders participated in a baseball camp at a neighboring camp for a good old-fashioned summer afternoon of the nation’s oldest pastime.

Thursday was a typical Moose day filled with a full morning and afternoon schedule with many campers working on their achievements in our 18 different activity areas. As you may know, at the end of the session each camper receives a Moosilauke Achievement Certificate, which highlights the levels they achieved along with the trips in which they participated. Competition Thursday included a thirteen-and-under lacrosse tournament and a ten-and-under tennis tournament. It was another wonderful TMD (Typical Moosilauke Day) for the boys to add to their memory banks.

It is fair to say that to a person our campers can’t believe we are entering our final week of the first session. A few reminders: Saturday, July 23 is the departure day for 4 ½-week campers, and Parents’ Day for 4 ½-and 7-week campers. Parents are invited to come to camp from 9:30am to 4:00pm. Details for the day were sent in an email earlier this week.

As always, please call Bill or Sabina with questions or issues at (800)353-4546.

Happy summer!
Bill, Sabina, Port, Heide, Ken, and Ingrid