Weekly Log Home #4 2015

Here are the highlights from week three 2015, July 12 to 18th: Sunday morning’s lazy day schedule was appreciated…

Weekly Log Home #4 2015

Here are the highlights from week three 2015, July 12 to 18th: Sunday morning’s lazy day schedule was appreciated…

Here are the highlights from week three 2015, July 12 to 18th:

Sunday morning’s lazy day schedule was appreciated by all, especially as it was a hot day. After another delicious Sunday brunch of made-to-order omelets, homemade donuts, assorted cereal, and the yogurt bar, there was a USA vs. the World counselor soccer game. Many campers were in attendance to watch their favorite counselors play in a “friendly” match. Following the game there was free play followed by an open swim and a Junior Hill scrub-up in the lake. Lunch included chili (with all of the fixings!), corn-dogs, penne with sausage, and a full salad bar (which included grilled chicken).

Sunday afternoon campers worked on their achievements in any area they wanted to. There was also a double-header of Coke League baseball games and an intramural flag football game for our Senior A1s (15-year-olds). The evening brought the session’s first cookout at the cabins of hamburgers and hot dogs with S’mores for dessert. Evening activities included a very popular open swim (the perfect recipe for the end of a long, hot day), a Senior A1 (15-year-olds) versus Senior A2 (14-year-olds) basketball game, a Yolo boarding and canoeing extravaganza, and our weekly Drive-in movie for the two cabins that won our weekly cabin clean-up contest.

Monday we were back to a full schedule of regular morning and afternoon classes, competition, and trips. The Senior A1s (15-year-olds) departed in the morning for their three-day adventure to Montreal. The highlight was most definitely the rafting trip down the Rouge River. The class IV run at the end which includes “The Washing Machine” and “Dryer” sections lived up to their names: many a boy ended up going for a swim! (See the daily photo gallery for a selection of some great action shots.) The boys also loved their time shopping in Montreal. All in all, a memorable capstone experience for our oldest campers.

Wilderness adventures Monday included two cabins of Inter Bs (11-year-olds) heading off to Cliff Island on Newfound Lake for a canoe and camping overnight. The trip began with a mile-long canoe out to the island we rent. The boys then spent the day setting up camp, swimming, fishing, and playing with the canoes. The morning also saw another group of Senior A2s (14-year-olds) leave for a three day/two night backpacking adventure up Mt. Washington. The Senior Bs (13-year-olds) headed off to Burlington, Vermont, for a two day experience, which included a campout on Lake Champlain, a tour of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, and a night at the ballpark watching the minor Vermont Lake Monsters. In case you are not in the know, the Lake Monsters are a Single A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Oakland Athletics. The Junior Bs (8-and 9-year-olds) went mountain biking to Orford Beach on the other side of the lake. Competition on Monday included an all-ages tennis tournament at a neighboring camp.

The afternoon saw a number of new activities offered, including water polo and “survival” swimming on the waterfront, bike maintenance, and the inauguration “Moose Open” matches – by age group (Juniors, Inters, and Seniors). Finally, one of the more enlightening activities on Monday morning involved all the Counselors-in-Training taking part in a “True Colors” seminar run by a past Moose parent, and professional leadership trainer,Tori Macmillan. As the True Colors web site outlines, True Colors is a personality identification model that uses color identified personality traits to help teenagers better understand who they are and how they can have healthy relationships with those similar and different to themselves. After taking the assessment and learning about their own “colors” the boys were put in teams to work together in a manner in-synch with all their personalities. To a person, the boys found the morning informative and fun.

On Tuesday another group of Inter Bs (11-year-olds) left for a canoe overnight to Cliff island on Newfound Lake. Rain arrived just after lunch, causing us to cancel our two competition events, a 12s baseball game at Moose and a 10s tennis tournament, and to also pick up the island trip we had dropped earlier in the day. The trip was still fun for the kids as they had a full day of swimming, fishing, and canoeing on a beautiful lake. A group of Junior As (10-year-olds) left in the morning for a bike trip around the lake to Orford Beach. The campers not on trips had their pick of activity areas in the afternoon. Evening activities included tubing, a sing-along around a beachside campfire, kick the can, tubing, and kickball. We also initiated a new evening activity appropriately titled “Winston Walk.” The Senior A2s (14-year-olds) were the first participants on what has become a nightly option: walking our camp dogs around the lake.

Wednesday started a bit grey and cloudy, but quickly the sun appeared and it turned into a beautiful day. One group of Inter As (12-year-olds) headed out on a backpacking trip on Mt. Kinsman. They enjoyed a spectacular view at the summit. Another Inter A group went on a canoeing trek and overnight on Cliff Island on Newfound Lake. Another group of Junior As (10-year-olds) had a chance Wednesday to go on a mountain biking adventure around the lake to Orford Beach. There was also a kayak trip to the class II rapids at the Hartland section of the Connecticut River. This trip involved some of our youngest campers – quite a tribute to them for taking on the challenge of kayaking in the rapids! In the late afternoon the group of Senior A2s (14-year olds) hiking Mt. Washington returned, along with the Senior A1s (15-year olds) who were in Montreal for three days. Competition on Wednesday included 11s lacrosse and a 14s basketball tournaments. Campers not involved in trips or competition on Wednesday were sailing, kayaking, wakeboarding and waterskiing, and playing baseball, tennis, archery, and soccer. Many campers were working towards earning an area achievement award this summer. Each camper will receive a certificate at the end of the session that lists any area achievements they have earned and trips they took part in.

Thursday, the second group of Inter As (12-year-olds) headed out for canoe and overnight fun on Cliff Island on Newfound Lake. A second group of Senior A1s (15-year-olds) spent the day doing trail maintenance with Port clearing a trail from Senior Hill to the Point. As per usual, they were treated with lunch at Plain Jane’s and ice cream at Moose Scoops. And the Senior A2s (14-year-olds) spent the day at a water park in Manchester, NH, and the night at a minor league baseball game. Competition on Thursday centered on an all ages swim meet. Just prior to dinner, our Senior A1s (15-year olds) headed out to the Ravine Lodge at the base of Mt. Moosilauke for an overnight and then to hike Mt. Moosilauke on Friday. Dinner was spinach casserole, minestrone soup, roasted potatoes with tzatziki sauce, and raspberry cheesecake for dessert. Yum! The lodge also provide the “fluffiest” of bagged lunches for their trek up the mountain on Friday – cucumber, cheese, and hummus sandwiches and homemade cookies.

Friday was another busy day. A volunteer climbing trip left in the morning to challenge the crags in Rumney. The group of Senior A1s (15-year-olds) who left the night before spent the day hiking Mt. Moosilauke. Competition on Friday included a 10s tennis tournament at a neighboring camp and a 13s lacrosse tournament at Moose. Friday evening was a spectacular whole Pig Roast that included pulled pork, corn on the cob, and maple glazed bread. The kids were amazed when they got to see the full skin and head of the pig that was cooked. In the evening, our counselors competed in their annual baseball game against a neighboring camp. Several campers were in attendance to cheer on the Moosilauke team.

Beyond open biking and hiking trips, Saturday’s focus was an all-sports, all-ages competition day against a neighboring camp. Every age group had a chance to compete as we played 12 different contests in everything from basketball to soccer to tennis to Ultimate Frisbee. The Open Hike was to Holt’s Ridge, part of the Appalachian Trail. The hike was about a 4.2 mile round-trip trek. The group hiked across platforms in the middle of a beaver area, dams and all. On the descent, they had a spectacular view of the valley. On another note, some of our Senior A2s (14-year-olds) have been waking up early some mornings to row on the lake with Port. This takes incredible dedication and commitment and it’s a beautiful time to be out on the lake. Finally, another wall fish was caught at Camp by one of our Inter As (12-year-olds) – a 3 pound small-mouth bass. Wow, already two in one session!

Before we close, a few notes on enrollment. Although we have a robust enrollment we never take our marketing for granted (especially since we do no paid advertising). Given this, it is already time to plan Moose receptions for the fall and winter. If you would be willing to host a small reception at your home (and hopefully help us invite a prospective family or two) please be in touch by phone or e-mail. At the receptions, Bill or Sabina will do a presentation on the Moosilauke Experience. We hope to hold multiple gatherings in MA, NY, CT, CA, NJ, PA, CO, VA, and IL, to name just a few locations, from October through January.

Another request, only if you are so inclined: take a moment to go to a website called Camp Ratingz and write a review of Moosilauke. This past year we had a number of families mention that they used this site as a resource when selecting a camp. You can access the site via the following link:


We are proud to write that we are currently the sixth highest rated camp in the US and the number one rated camp in New Hampshire.

Additionally, please “like” our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CampMoosilauke or follow us on Instragram at camp_moosilauke. We are also on Twitter now, @camp_moose. If you are already following and “liking” us, we hope that you have been enjoying our postings thus far.

Finally, a few reminders: Saturday, July 25th is the departure day and Parents’ Day for 4 ½-week campers. Parents are invited to come to camp from 9:30am to 2:00pm for a fun day of activities.

Second Session will begin Monday, July 27th with arrival times for new families between 1 – 2 pm, and 2 – 4 pm for returning campers. Buses will leave from New York City at 10am and Greenwich, CT at 11:15am. There are only a few spots remaining on our buses to camp and a waitlist for the bus from camp for second session so if you are planning on using this service, please contact us ASAP.

As always, please call Bill or Sabina with questions or issues at (800)353-4546.

Happy Summer!

Bill, Sabina, Port, Heide, Ken, and Ingrid