Weekly Log Home #7 2017

It is our pleasure to write another letter from Moosilauke for the last week and a half of the…

Weekly Log Home #7 2017

It is our pleasure to write another letter from Moosilauke for the last week and a half of the…

It is our pleasure to write another letter from Moosilauke for the last week and a half of the Second Session 2017, July 30th through August 9th. The time has certainly flown by! We have so enjoyed having your boys here at Moosilauke.

On Sunday, we had our first “Lazy Sunday” of the session. Campers could sleep in and breakfast was a buffet that included made-to-order omelets, sausage, cinnamon buns, and a yogurt and fruit bar. After breakfast, the campers ventured down the hill (some still in their pajamas) for some quiet time at the beach, reading, playing cards, ping-pong games, and more. Lunch on Sunday was barbecue ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots, and a full salad bar. After lunch, the campers participated in an all-camp Capture the Flag game – a coveted Moose tradition. It was the Kayakers versus the Canoeists. The CITs did a terrific job organizing the event and much fun was had by all. Following Capture the Flag, there was an all-camp swim and scrub-up in the lake – perfect after a warm afternoon running around on the fields. Dinner was the first Cabin Cookout of the session. Campers enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, potato wedges, carrots, and all of the fixings at their cabins and cooked S’mores around a campfire for dessert. In the evening, the Senior Hill winners of the week’s cabin clean-up ventured out to the Fairlee Drive-In movie to view the new Spider Man movie. The Junior Hill winners enjoyed a movie of their choosing in the Rec Hall. Both were treated with candy and snacks as well.

Monday morning was another beautiful, warm, sunny day at Moose. A group of Senior A2s (fourteen-year-olds) set out for a three-day hiking adventure up Mt. Washington. The group awoke early to depart Camp by 7:00am. They stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast on their way to the trailhead. They hiked for about four hours until they reached the log cabin and took a much-deserved break. From there it was another two hours to the campsite shelter, where they would be staying for the evening. They had lunch and set up their site, then proceeded to hike to the summit of Mt. Adams. Upon their return to the campsite, they dined on mac-n-cheese and soon after went to sleep. (They were tired!) The next morning, the group ate bagels and nutella for breakfast and packed up. They hiked about two hours to the peak of Mt. Jefferson and had a snack break. After another hour and a half they made it to the peak of Mt. Clay where they had an amazing view. They then began their ascent of Mt. Washington. At the summit (which was incredible!), they had lunch and relaxed, then descended for about two and half hours until they reached their shelter. For dinner, they ate campfire-made jambalaya and breakfast the next morning was sausage and eggs. Their final trek was out to the trailhead, where their ride was waiting to take them to their all-you-can-eat pizza lunch at Enzo’s before returning to Camp.

Another trip involved the Inter Bs (eleven-year-olds) venturing out to a canoe and overnight trip to Cliff Island on Newfound Lake. The boys canoed out to an island we rent, set up camp, then enjoyed a fun afternoon of swimming, fishing, jumping off rocks, and capsizing their canoes. They cooked dinner around a campfire and played Capture the Flag type games and made S’mores in the evening until heading into their tents for the night. In the morning, after a quick breakfast, they returned to the mainland. Another trip was an all-ages bike trip to the Waterhole. The CITs took part in a True Colors seminar with Tori Macmillan. True Colors is a personality identification model that uses color identified personality traits to help teenagers better understand who they are and how they can have healthy relationships with those similar and different to themselves. After taking the assessment and learning about their own “colors” the boys worked together in a manner in-synch with all their personalities. The boys found the morning informative and fun. Competition on Monday included a thirteens tennis tournament, a fifteens basketball tournament, and elevens basketball tournament at neighboring camps. Meals on Monday included French toast and bacon for breakfast, chicken patties and french fries for lunch, and pasta and meat sauce for dinner.

On Tuesday, it was yet another beautiful day at Camp. After a breakfast of waffles, hashbrowns, yogurt and fruit bar, hot cereal, and plenty of hot chocolate, the boys enjoyed a morning of scheduled activity areas. A group of the Inter As (twelve-year-olds) departed after breakfast for a hike up Mt. Moosilauke – all 4,802 feet of it – then settled at the Pioneer Camp for a swim in the rapids, campfire dinner, and a cozy night’s sleep in tents under the stars. Another group of Inter Bs (eleven-year-olds) departed for a canoeing adventure to Cliff Island on Newfound Lake. After they ate lunch and set up their campsite, they had a scavenger hunt for candy, fished, swam, and explored the island. After dinner, they also played a hide and seek type game, made S’mores, fished and swam again. Lunch at Camp was pulled pork sandwiches, steak fries, and a full salad bar. After lunch, the Senior Bs (thirteen-year-olds) departed for an afternoon of swimming in the natural pools and slides at Baker Cliffs and an ice cream treat at Moose Scoops. A second group of Senior A1s (fourteen-year-olds) departed for a three-day hike up Mt. Washington. On day one, the group hiked 8 miles to the campsite, where they dropped their packs and then summited Mt. Adams. It was a difficult hike, but fun (per the boys). Dinner was mac-n-cheese around a campfire. On day two, the boys awoke to an “insane” view of the mountain range and, after breakfast and packing up their site, were on their way up to the summit of Mt. Washington. The view from the summit of Washington was spectacular. Rain was in the forecast, but the boys made it safely back to their campsite to settle in for the evening and enjoy their dinner of “dirty” rice with tuna. On day three, oatmeal was for breakfast, followed by the last segment of their journey on Tuckerman’s Ravine Trail, viewing a beautiful waterfall along the way. The group was treated to a delicious all-you-can-eat pizza lunch on their way back to Moose.

Competition picked up again on Tuesday with a tens basketball tournament at Moose and a twelves basketball tournament at a neighboring camp. Another trip on Tuesday included an Open Bike trip to the Waterhole. Dinner was the traditional “Taco Tuesday” meal with beef, soft tacos, salsa, rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and our full salad bar.

Wednesday, meals included muffins and sausage for breakfast, grilled chicken tenders with barbecue and sweet and sour sauces for lunch, and mac-and-cheese for dinner. Another group of Inter As (twelve-year-olds) headed out to climb Mt. Moosilauke and spend the night at the Pioneer Camp. Competition on Wednesday included a twelves lacrosse tournament at Moose. There was another Open (all-ages) Bike Trip. A group of our Junior Bs (eight and nine-year-olds) hiked out to a wilderness campsite at the Point for an overnight. The boys loved cooking over an open fire, exploring the nearby woods and trails, fishing, and sleeping in our log cabin.

Thursday was another beautiful, sunny day at Moose. The Senior A1s (fifteen-year-olds) went on a trail clearing expedition with Port, cleaning up the shoreline at the edge of Upper Baker Pond and the creek and then were treated to lunch at the diner, Calamity Jane’s. There was an all-ages kayaking trip to the Class II Hartland Rapids on the Connecticut River for campers with a “bomb proof wet exit.” There was also an open bike trip to the Waterhole. A group of Junior As (ten-year-olds) headed to the Pioneer Camp for a camping afternoon and overnight adventure. Another group of Junior Bs (nine-year-olds) hiked out to the Point for an overnight excursion. And Port shared another one of his tall-tales with the campers in the evening. This time it was two short stories – “Ethan Smith” and “Kidnapped by a UFO.” Meals in camp included pancakes and bacon for breakfast, grilled cheese and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and tater tots for lunch, and beef brisket and mashed potatoes for dinner (a camp favorite!). Competition on Thursday included a thirteens basketball tournament and elevens soccer tournament at Moose.

Friday, we celebrated another camper birthday this session. To note, we had a birthday (camper or staff) all but three of the days of this session. As is tradition, the birthday camper (or staff member) selects a group of people to come up and serenade them in the center of the dining hall while a cake is brought out in their honor. Friday’s meals included bagels for breakfast, Philly cheese steaks for lunch, and the popular “Kenny Cookout” on the field for dinner. Competition on Friday included a tens basketball tournament at Moose and a thirteens Ultimate frisbee tournament at a neighboring camp. The Inter As (twelve-year-olds) enjoyed an afternoon at Baker Cliffs, followed by an ice cream treat at Moose Scoops. The Senior A2s (fourteen-year-olds) left after breakfast, along with the CITs and Junior Counselors, to Manchester for a “fluff” trip that included a day at the waterpark and an evening at the minor league ballpark cheering on the Manchester Fisher Cats. The Senior A1s (fifteen-year-olds) departed on an overnight white water rafting adventure. The boys spent their first day setting up camp in a yurt by the Androscoggin River and swimming in the rapids. The next day they were taken by van and pontoon boat to the top of the Rapid River in Maine, right below the Richardson Dam. The boys had the ride of their life as professional guides rafted them down the 3.5 miles of crashing whitewater that included some Class IV rapids. Another group of Junior As (ten-year-olds) spent an afternoon and overnight at the Pioneer Camp. There was an all-ages climbing trip to the Rumney crags. And, finally, there was another open bike trip to the Waterhole.

Saturday was our first real rainy day at Moose of the session. The boys started out on the fields and waterfront in the morning with their choice of open activity areas. A heavy rain forced the boys indoors for movies in the rec halls, games in the dining hall, or some rest and relaxation in the cabins. Saturday afternoon was Moose Carnival! Each cabin was assigned the task of designing and running a booth for other campers (and counselors) to enjoy at the carnival. They did a terrific job! Some of the games included: mini-golf, a President’s card tournament, dizzy bat, bobbing for apples, blindfolded cornhole, monkey fights, donut challenge, water balloon toss, Blackjack, balloon darts, a Pepsi challenge, and a push-up contest. Prizes were soda and candy. Another rain shower cut the Carnival a bit short, but the boys had a very fun afternoon. In the evening, we had our “Moose Sensations” talent show and acts included musical performances (instrumental and singing), magic card tricks, poetry slam reading, joke telling, and comedy performances. Meals on Saturday included eggs, potatoes, and bacon for breakfast, assorted deli-meat sandwiches and salads for lunch, and pizza for dinner.

Sunday was our traditional one day Olympics competition. It was the “Cliff Islands” versus the “Baker Cliffs.” The boys competed in various team sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer, Archery, and baseball, and participated in Moose relays and a track meet. The day culminated in individual age group rope pulls and a team fire building competition. The boys demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout the day!

Monday, the boys enjoyed a lazy “Monday” (versus the traditional “Lazy Sunday”) with a buffet breakfast of made-to-order omelets, cinnamon buns, yogurt/granola/fruit bar. In the morning and the afternoon, the boys were able to enjoy one more “TMD” (typical Moosilauke Day) with their choice of activity areas. Lunch was breaded chicken cutlets with rice. Dinner was cabin cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, steak fries, and S’mores for dessert. In the evening, Port shared his final tall-tale of the 2017 camp season, the Moosilauke classic, the “White Ape.” A big crowd of campers and counselors gathered around a campfire to listen in. Also on Monday, our CITs departed for their own special trip which included a biking expedition to the Waterhole, Moose Scoops, and finally to the Pioneer Camp where they camped for the night.

On Tuesday, our last full day, following a morning of packing, the boys were able to participate in some of their favorite activity areas one last time. Banquet dinner was carnitas nachos as an appetizer, shrimp cocktail, flank steak, cheesy mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and rolls for dinner, and our famous Whoopie Pies for dessert. Following dinner we showed a slideshow with some highlights from the summer. Later, down the hill, campers were recognized with t-shirts for success and hard work in achievement areas, longevity at Camp, and participation in Moose Bears. The evening ended with a beautiful torchlight ceremony led by our oldest campers (the Senior A1s) and a massive bonfire.

That’s all for now. Thank you for sharing your terrific boys with us, and we hope you have a great rest of the summer!

Bill, Sabina, Port, Heide, Ken, and Ingrid