Daily Scehdule

Every day at Moosilauke is special because there is so much to do! Depending on the day, campers may find themselves on one of 50 different trips, at Camp taking part in land sport, waterfront or outdoor life activities, playing in a game versus a peer camp, or just relaxing with friends.

At the heart of the Moosilauke experience is a daily schedule that combines two periods of structured activities in the morning and two periods of camper choice in the afternoon. Our balance of structure and choice ensures that campers are exposed to all that we have to offer, but have the flexibility to specialize in what they like best.

A typical day at Moosilauke includes the following:

Gordon “Port” Miller, the Owner, grew up at Moosilauke and took over for his father over fifty years ago. He attended Colgate University, and received his doctorate from Columbia.  He has written a number of books in the field of decision making, including Teaching Your Child to Make Decisions and The Little Book for Big Decisions. Port’s wife, Heide, oversees the business operations of the Camp.

7:45 Moose Bears (optional swim and song club)
8:00 Wake-up bell
8:15 Second bell
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Cabin clean-up/inspection
10:00 First morning period (campers are assigned)
11:00 2nd period (campers are assigned)
12:00 Free time/free swim/one-mile & two-mile run
12:30 First lunch bell
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Rest hour
2:45 3rd period (campers choose daily)
3:45 Snack
4:00 4th period (campers choose daily)
5:00 Free time/free swim/mail call
5:30 First dinner bell
5:45 Dinner
6:45 Evening activities
8:15 Juniors up the hill — lights out at 8:45
8:30 Inter Bs up the hill — lights out at 9:00
8:45 Inter As/Senior Bs up the hill — lights out at 9:15
9:00 Seniors up the hill — lights out at 10:00