Financial Aid & Scholarships

We care deeply about providing the benefits of a summer at Moosilauke to as many families as possible, regardless of their ability to pay. Towards this end we provide nearly $250,000 a summer in need-based financial aid to over 30 families. Prospective families interested in finding out about financial aid should contact Bill and Sabina as part of their application process by emailing us at or calling 800-353-4546.

Financial aid at Moosilauke, however, does not just benefit the boys and families receiving it. Financial aid is at the heart of the Moosilauke experience for all campers because it helps create diversity.

Common sense has always told us that living and learning in a diverse environmentwhere individuals have deep exposure to people different from themselvesmakes kids more compassionate and better equipped to make a difference in the world. And now there is significant research to bolster these claims and more. A recent study from Teacher’s College Columbia University states that “the benefits of diversity run in all directions” and that “diversity makes us smarter.” The study goes on to state that: “Exposure to other students who are different from themselves and the novel ideas and challenges that such exposure brings leads to improved cognitive skills, including critical thinking and problem solving.”

Creating a diverse culture, however, is just one piece of the puzzle.  Diversity without inclusion lacks meaning and power. Inclusion is about respect, involvement, and empowerment. It is about not just having but valuing different backgrounds, beliefs, talents and ways of being. At Moosilauke, creating an inclusive culture is one of the highest priorities.

The easiest way to support financial aid at Moose is to donate to the Fresh Air—Camp Moosilauke Scholarship Fund, which specifically targets children from low-income communities in New York City. The Fresh Air organization helps screen and select deserving children to attend Moosilauke. The organization invests and administers all donations to the fund. All gifts are tax deductible. If you are interested in donating to this fund please make checks out to the Fresh Air—Camp Moosilauke Scholarship Fund, and send to: Fresh Air—Camp Moosilauke Scholarship Fund, 55 Moosilauke Way, Orford, NH, 03777. For more information about the Fresh Air Fund in general, call 800-367-0003 or visit their website at

In terms of donation size, some families have given sizable sums that we add to the endowment and draw off of every year to provide support in perpetuity. Other families write checks for a summer’s tuition. Of course, a gift of any amount is much appreciated. The Fresh Air Fund will accept any check over $50.

If would like to set up a separate fund for children from your area please be in touch. We can do this by developing a relationship with a school or not-for-profit in your region, or you can donate directly to Camp Moosilauke. (Note: The latter approach is not tax deductible.)

On a related note, over the last decade, Moosilauke has also wholly funded and operated a week-long camp for children from low-income backgrounds from the Vermont and New Hampshire area, called “Listen.” Listen is a program for boys and girls from 8-13 years of age which takes place at the end of the regular sessions. The Listen campers have a full camp experience at Moosilauke for six days.