Parent TEstimonials

Below are a number of testimonials from current and past parents. You can also find over 60 reviews of Camp Moosilauke at or by clicking here.

My son’s experience at Moosilauke has been exactly what was promised in the promotional material: an unplugged month of good, clean fun with a fantastic group of fellow campers. He has gone for five summers, and somehow it seems to get better each year. He tries new things and comes home with a great attitude. I feel very lucky to have found it!

I cannot say enough great things about Camp Moosilauke. It is without a doubt my son’s favorite place in the world – he looks forward to going back from the moment he leaves. He comes home every summer excited about all new things he’s tried and we see the increased confidence that results. In that regard, the directors and staff are truly excellent at encouraging the boys to try new things and step outside their comfort zone. Take a few minutes to read the Director’s blog on the Moosilauke webpage – it sums up their philosophy beautifully.

An exceptionally well-run boys’ camp on a lovely lake in New Hampshire. Boys are supported and encouraged to pursue a wide range of land and water sports. Leadership and staff are outstanding. My son just finished his third summer, and he is already talking about his fourth!

Camp Moosilauke is the answer to parents’ prayers. It is a unique experience for boys marked by close personal relationships, trust, warmth, fun and never ending opportunities to create and meet personal challenges. For a city child, it is weeks of a simpler way of life, a time for the freedom of mountains and lakes and open spaces. My son, a six-year veteran, says Moosilauke is the place where he is “most himself.” Bill and Sabina McMahon’s gifts for understanding boys are on display in everything from the well-trained staff to the activities to the food. They put their heart and soul into Moosilauke and we are the beneficiaries. Whatever success my son has in life, it will be in part because of the values, camaraderie and pure joy Camp Moosilauke gave him.

At Camp Moosilauke each boy is treated with the utmost care, respect and awareness for his developmental stage. Boys are encouraged to take healthy risks like playing a sport they may never have tried, in a nurturing non-competitive environment. My son came back home each summer with more confidence and knowledge than he left home with. I applaud Bill and Sabina for the fine work they are doing and for the plethora of knowledge about teaching and nurturing boys that they bring to Camp Moosilauke. This is no ordinary camp!”

So many things conspire to make the Moosilauke experience truly distinctive: the smaller size ensures that each boy is known, respected and cared for; the experienced staff, many of whom are educators, are exceptional; the Camp’s traditions embody “fun with a purpose” and set just the right tone. The Camp is clearly a labor of love for directors Bill and Sabina McMahon. Each time my son returns from Moosilauke, he brings with him a deeper sense of confidence in himself and pride in being a part of such a special place. His little brother can’t wait to go!

Having spent twenty summers at Moosilauke over a span of forty years as a camper, counselor and now as a parent of two Moosilauke men, my experience has been that “Moosilauke is not like it used to be – it’s exactly like it used to be.” In this day and age where parents are seeking the best for their children it is reassuring to know the experiences and values that meant so much in the 1970′s still exist today. Camp Moosilauke offers not only a fun summer experience but also lessons that will last a lifetime.

My son went to Moose at age 10, knowing no one. He made a set of friends who have returned with him for the past 5 years. They are like a second family. He looks forward to seeing them each summer and although they don’t speak much during the year, they pick up right where they left off. To me, that is extraordinary, given how much boys change during this period in their lives. As a mother and a psychotherapist, I worry about whom I leave my children with. Bill and Sabina possess a rare gift of leadership. They create an atmosphere of fun and self-expression while commanding respect for self and others at all times. The kids have a great, relaxed experience but never forget that they must take into account their actions as community members and be kind to their fellow camper. I think this allows kids to take the risks to try so many new activities and behaviors. They trust that they will be protected and encouraged by Bill, Sabina and the entire Moose community in the process.

Moosilauke has been a fabulous experience for our son. It’s been the perfect combination of outdoors activities and athletics. I love the fact that Moosilauke puts together competitive teams in many different sports without cutting kids or assigning them to an A team or B team. And year after year, Moosilauke hires counselors who are extremely knowledgeable in their areas, mature and responsible, and fun.

At age 10 and 2,700 miles from home, Alex dove into his first Moosilauke experience with gusto. Homesickness? Never! The Moosilauke staff truly understands boys and knows exactly how to maximize the camp experience. From the thrill of summiting Mt. Cube on his first day, to bracing pre-breakfast swims with the Moose bears, to trying every new art/craft and team sport activity over 4 weeks, to marching in the Orford Fourth of July parade, to canoeing the Androscoggin rapids, to making wonderful friends amongst the campers and staff, Alex experienced Camp Moosilauke to its utmost from day one. Eagerly returning every year since, he anticipates renewing good friendships, confidently exploring more difficult trails, and having even more fun than he could have imagined that first year.