Program Areas

Moosilauke’s program focuses on three main areas: land sports, waterfront, and outdoor adventure activities. The beauty of having a robust program in all three areas is that no camper ever comes to Moosilauke feeling confident in all of them. The boy confident in a team sport or two may not have significant experience in activities like kayaking, climbing, or sailing, and vice versa. Having a broad and deep program ensures campers can pursue activities they are already good at, but more importantly, that they will also engage in activities that will be new and challenging. As our Philosophy page makes clear, positive risk taking is at the heart of the Moosilauke Experience.

Daily Schedule

We strongly believe that a combination of structured activities and choice provides the optimal growth experience. To ensure that all campers experience the full breadth of opportunities available, boys of all ages are assigned during the two morning activity periods. Classes range from tennis to mountain biking to archery to kayaking. However, to allow campers to grow and specialize in the areas they are most interested in, campers sign up for the two afternoon periods. Additionally, there are free-choice days throughout the summer. Evenings are usually reserved for special activities like fishing, waterskiing, tubing and team-building games. For a sample daily schedule please click here.


Intercamp competition is a core part of the Moosilauke Experience. However, we are very careful to keep our competition and instruction low stress, and to ensure that every boy who wants to compete – regardless of skill level – is able to. Our highly trained staff, many of whom have coached at the varsity level, is committed to providing healthy competition that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork. Campers and counselors will often comment on the “second scoreboard” when announcing results of any competition – recognizing campers who have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork.


Outdoor adventure trips are also a central part of each session. Campers will have the option to go on biking, hiking and river trips that are fun and exciting. It does not matter if they have never done them before—we will teach them everything they need to know to have a great time. Campers will go on a trip about once a week. Click here for a list of trips.